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William And Kate Latest News

Prince William and Kate Middleton – oh, what have the started?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have hit the news headlines again!  There is no scandal or gossip, just one official news release after the other.

Despite the current economic problems on the British Isles, at the moment the top news is not the strength of the pound, but the strength of the monarchy.   The British monarchy has had a rough ride with some of the previous choices of brides, but now it seems that poor William is having to prove that he can do it better.

At the end of the day how much does this wedding affect the average person, to coin a traditionally English phrase, how will it affect the man on the Clapham omnibus?  The is answer is barely, and yet it will totally overwhelm the nation at the same time.

The news of the royal wedding is not going to increase the average persons wage packet, it will not reduce unemployment and it will not reduce the cost of living.  However, it will affect life.  We will see more and more of Kate Middleton, her past will be analysed and more importantly, everyone will be expected to have an opinion on every aspect of her past, present and future.  The weather may even become the second most popular conversational choice amongst the English – and that is saying something!

So what are the hop topics likely to be:

When will the marriage happen?

It is understood that William wants to marry reasonably quickly, as early as April or May.   There is some concern that there is a greater chance of rain and since the wedding is expected to be watched across the world there is a worry that England will be portrayed as a wet and raining destination.  Hence a summer wedding is being encouraged.

What will Kate wear?

Kate, like many girls will have ideas about how she wants to look on her wedding day, but now she must take into account how it will be reported and recorded.  People will judge not only her dress, but how she wears it and who made it.

The First Dance

William has told us previously that his taste in music has caused him to be teased in the past – but will he get his way for the first dance?

There is no avoiding that the British economy has had a few difficult moments recently, and will have a few more to come.  But can Prince William and Kate and their team of advisors find a perfect balance between style and consideration?   Something too ostentatious will be slated in the press, and this is certainly not how any celebrity couple want to start their marriage.  And from this day forth Prince William and Kate must consider their actions just as other celebrity couples do – they will be judged, publicly, not just on their actions but also the consequences of their actions?